• Professional guitarist

    Ralf has been a professional guitarist for more than 30 years.

    Studies at the Guitar Institute Of Technology (G.I.T.) in Los Angeles, USA
    Classical education at the University of Hildesheim
    Musical activities as live and studio musician
    Official Ibanez Artist since 1998
    Official Cort acoustic guitar artist since 2019
    Endorser(demonstrator) for Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Ovation
    Release of several own music CDs
    Over 1.000000 clicks on YouTube
    Over 1000 live performances/workshops/clinics etc.
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    From the press

    "Playfully at home in the upper league like Vai, Satriani, Lukather, but still with his own style."

    "Guitar solos on maximum warp."

    "His playing commutes between rock, blues, fusion and crossover with a lot of pressure."

    "Mature tone with sure instinct and headstrong sound."

  • Endorser

    Ralf has been an official Ibanez artist since 1999 with 6 custom models made especially for him.

    Since 2013 Ralf is official Mesa Boogie Artist
    Since 2016 Ralf plays acoustic guitars and acoustic amplifiers of the brand Cort and is an official Cort Artist since 2019.

    Ralf has been playing D´Addario strings for about 25 years and is an official D´Addario endorser. Ralf also likes digital effects from the company Eventide

    As an endorser Ralf Sommerfeld has played clinics and workshops for :

    Musikmesse Frankfurt
    Musikhaus Thomann
    Musik Produktiv Messe
    Sommerfest PPC Hannover
    Musikmarkt Rendsburg
    Art of Music Uelzen
    Shop 2 Rock Neustrehlitz

    Musikhaus Andresen Lübeck
    Musikcenter Schenefeld
    No1 Hamburg
    Musik Klier Nürnberg
    Hieber Lindberg München
    Musikhaus Schulte Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel

    Six and four Sulzbach
    Insound Kiel
    Session Frankfurt und Walldorf
    Music World Brilon
    Sonor Drums Hausmesse
    Music Box Magdeburg
    Just Music Dortmund

  • Guitar duo Hannover

    Virtuoso acoustic guitar music for every occasion

    Ralf Sommerfeld and Gunnar Hofmann present instrumental guitar music of the extra class in their duo.

    Through their various musical influences they present music ranging from jazz, Latin, pop, flamenco to classical music. The repertoire of this extraordinary guitar duo includes original compositions as well as interpretations of well-known melodies.

    For high-quality instrumental guitar music, whether for concerts, company events, bar jazz, private parties or weddings, these two guitarists are guaranteed the right choice for you.

    The guitar duo Hannover was founded in 2012.
    Already after one session it was clear:
    The jazzy, virtuoso and incredibly musical guitar style of Gunnar Hofmann harmonizes perfectly with the technically extraordinary flamenco guitar style of Ralf Sommerfeld. The two guitarists convince live by a diverse, stylistically varied program which is presented with extraordinary joy of playing. Due to their top-class virtuosity they effortlessly interpret titles in the style of Al di Meola or Chick Corea. Joachim Schütte from Hannover is also used as a trio partner or for an alternative line-up. They have all been professional guitarists for over 30 years. This experience on and with the guitar, their love for guitar music and the fun they all have playing live, makes every concert of these remarkable guitarists a special experience.

    References: VW , Gosch , Aspria, Media in Res. Audio Coop , Skoda , Musikmesse Frankfurt etc.

  • Guitar teacher

    Since 2009 Ralf has been teaching at Stephansplatz 2a in Hannover. The Guitar School Hannover has a high customer satisfaction with a Google rating of 5.0. For more information about guitar lessons with Ralf Sommerfeld click on www.guitar-school-hannover.de

    Here are some of Ralf's lessons in the past:

    PPC Music School Hannover
    Guitar Shop Braunschweig
    Musik Centrum Hildesheim

    LAG Rock Hannover
    Musik Kiste Peine
    More than Music Braunschweig

    Musikschule Goslar
    Audio Coop Hildesheim
    Musikschule Fallersleben

    Customer Reviews

    "I've already tried several guitar teachers - Ralf is definitely the best. Always relaxed atmosphere, he really has all playing techniques on it, is super patient and the playing is in the foreground - just fun. Always fair and reliable.!!"

    "Highest competence, flexible and individual lessons, open for all styles and incredibly good on the guitar. What more could you ask for?"

    "Great lessons. Always new ideas and totally effective. And it's also really fun. Guitar-School Hannover is the top address for guitar lessons in Hannover and surroundings."